You found the hidden text! Did you know... One single drop of a mother's colostrum has nearly 1 million white blood cells in it! True amazing power we hold as human mothers to heal. "Every Drop Counts!" - Summer
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If you are interested in private consult lactation services with DoneNaturally Lactation Services, please contact us for more information about your specific need and pricing


Childbirth Classes

As a Certified Childbirth Educator in The Bradley Method®, I am highly trained in the art of birthing and would love to help you experience the joy of natural childbirth.


Did You Know?

As part of our commitment to the community, we continue to educate families about Natural Childbirth and Breastfeeding thru our own Public Service Announcements {PSAs} in the below "Did You Know" section.

Did You Know
  • When someone thinks about breastfeeding, many might first think of a mother and a child and a breast. Typically though, that mother has a support person, who may be the father of her baby, her husband, her boyfriend, her girlfriend, her sister, her wife, her mother, her mother-in-law…I could keep going. The point is, this […]


  • Have you ever had someone tell you that at “this age” {insert any age that you notice people start inappropriately discussing a woman’s nursing relationship}, breastmilk is no more than water and has no nutrient benefits? Did that make you question yourself? Did you wonder, maybe they are right, but a tiny voice inside you […]

  • We all know that keeping our babies close to us at night and within arm’s reach, helps to facilitate more successful breastfeeding, and more rest for the family. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics states in the 2012 Section on Breastfeeding, “Mother and infant should sleep in proximity to each other to facilitate breastfeeding” (Pediatrics, […]

  • There are times when breastfeeding mothers may encounter a circumstance when they would need to have a scan, normally performed by a Radiologist, in which they would be subject to a radio-contrast agent, also called radio-contrast dye. In the past, these mothers have been told to interrupt breastfeeding for a given amount of time for […]

  • As many of you well know, it can be undue hardship, to separate from your baby, especially if you do not have care for them already set up. Breastfeeding and Jury Duty comes up every so often and can send a mom into a frenzy of worry. So arm yourself now, should this happen to […]

  • Many of us Lactation Consultants get emails, calls and questions about this very topic. Many well meaning people out there are offering used breastpumps to mothers, or selling them to mothers. You may be using one yourself. Please read on, so you may get the REAL information about this very thing.  I want to clear […]

  • Many women take regular medications and many women may get ill where medications are necessary to get them well again. When a mother is breastfeeding she may be told to interrupt breastfeeding or “pump and dump” or stop breastfeeding altogether when medications are introduced. Most of the time, this is completely unnecessary and actually introduces […]

  • No one has been more influential to my breastfeeding success than Summer Hill! She is extremely knowledgable and always delivers information in a way that is easy to digest. You can trust that when asking for advice she backs up everything with concrete facts and information.

    - Anna Newth

  • I honestly don’t know if I could have succeeded at breastfeeding if it weren’t for your help, support, and knowledge, and I definitely want others to know how great you are!

    - Jenny Chisholm

  • We learned more than we could have ever imagined about pregnancy and the labor and birth process. Every week we went away from class feeling so encouraged and looking forward to natural birth more and more. You played an integral role in making our birth experience a joy!

    - With Love, Craig, Shawna and Elliana Ketter

  • The birth process was a pretty crazy and intense experience. The Bradley method classed definitely helped. ..In the end everything came out perfect. The advice I have for other Bradley method fathers is pretty simple. The most important thing I think to keep in mind through the experience is the ultimate goal of healthy baby healthy momma.

    - Randy Newth

  • For all your love and support, Thank you! You have been so wonderful...always patient, always so throurough! You gave us a great gift, all the education and knowledge. We now have a beautiful baby boy! Mostly we feel confident as parents! Thank you!

  • Summer & Casey, Thank you so much for a fabulous class. We feel so fortunate that we were able to take a Bradley class with you. We did not do a natural birth with our first child but are SO glad we did with our 2nd. We only wish we had known sooner what Bradley could have done for us!

    - Ashley, Kevin, Clayton and baby Sam Weaver

  • We were happy with choosing Summer, after reading the testimonials already posted on her site. After going to the first class, we were so pumped! There was so much information we had overlooked with our first child that was so important in our decision making. It doesn't matter how many children you currently have, you need this class!!

    - Marla Myers