You found the hidden text! Did you know... One single drop of a mother's colostrum has nearly 1 million white blood cells in it! True amazing power we hold as human mothers to heal. "Every Drop Counts!" - Summer

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“I had problems with breastfeeding from the beginning. My baby would not latch very well, or it would take a very long time and a big struggle to get him to. When he did latch, it wasn’t deep enough and I ended up with bloody, scabby nipples and a lot of pain. I was also worried that I wasn’t making any milk. Summer came over one day in the first week and she was amazing! She showed me how to self-express (I did have milk!!), and she got him to latch. She also provided me with lots of encouragement. Over the next few weeks I still had problems with poor latching and pain, but I would call Summer and she gave me so much good advice and she calmed me down. It took us awhile to get good at breastfeeding, but it’s been three months now and we are doing great. If you had asked me two months ago if I thought I would have ever actually enjoyed breastfeeding, I would have said absolutely not. Now I can say that I absolutely love it – I don’t even mind getting up in the night to nurse my little boy. It doesn’t hurt at all any more, and I am so glad that I was able to stick with it and get to where we are now. I honestly don’t know if we could have done it without Summer’s knowledge, expertise, and passion for breastfeeding.”

– Jenny Chisholm


You were especially helpful to me when I got pregnant while nursing my 8 month old. I remember calling you from work, almost in tears because my nausea was so bad I couldn’t eat or sleep and my milk production had dropped so drastically. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue nursing my son now that I was pregnant…and he was too young to wean! You were the best person I could have called that day. You told me that pregnancy alone does not halt milk production (until week 20 or so) but that stress does, and you reminded me of some techniques to combat the morning sickness, which would alleviate some stress on my body. That phone call got me through the next two months of nursing while pregnant. It was so hard! Thank you for your support!

Around the same time, I remember a conversation we had about tandem nursing, and whether it was in my future (my babies would be 18 months apart). You were wise to tell me not to make any decisions about it yet, but to focus on my pregnancy, as my feelings about tandem nursing were likely to change. And you were right! I changed my mind many times over the next several months, and I ultimately decided (surprisingly to me) that tandem nursing was not for me.

Thanks again for everything,

– Louise Landry

“No one has been more influential to my breastfeeding success than Summer Hill! She is extremely knowledgable and always delivers information in a way that is easy to digest. You can trust that when asking for advice she backs up everything with concrete facts and information. Because of her support I continue to have an extremely wonderful breastfeeding relationship with my 17 month old son. It has helped foster one of the most intimate relationships in my life. For that, I am overwhelming grateful for Summer!”

– Anna Newth

“I honestly don’t know if I could have succeeded at breastfeeding if it weren’t for your help, support, and knowledge, and I definitely want others to know how great you are!”

– Jenny Chisholm

“You have been such a huge help and blessing for me and my family!! Thank you for always being there when I needed advice…you have always helped and made me feel better about any situations I have found myself in; with issues with nursing and pregnancy. Your help has been priceless!  Love, Holly Spotz”

– Holly Spotz

“I wanted to express my most sincere gratitude to you. My sister contacted you when my daughter was born, as we were having an extremely difficult time with nursing.  I received an extremely helpful and immediate response from you! I could not believe that someone a state away, who had not been working with me had been so helpful. I would imagine this is going above and beyond your job duties. Words cannot express how gracious I am for your emails and phone conversations with my sister to help me out. Proud to say that we have now been successfully and exclusively nursing/pumping for over 6 months! Thank you so much for all of your help. You are wonderful!

Very sincerely,
Sarah and Neva Brotherson”

– Sarah and Neva Brotherson

“I can’t say enough great things about how encouraging and understanding Summer has been in my journey to breastfeed.  I have had many challenges in my breastfeeding relationship and what is wonderful about Summer is that she understands and takes into account what your lifestyle/needs are.  I have an active toddler that I am also taking care of and she knew what the demands on my time were and gave suggestions that took my needs into account.  I was always given great information and encouragement that kept me going.  Those first few weeks were so touch and go and Summer made me feel like I mattered to her and that she sincerely cared and wanted to see me succeed.   Her being so accessible and quick to respond to my never ending questions was a huge reason I didn’t quit nursing.

I can’t thank and recommend her enough.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Tracy Ovard

I always knew that I wanted to have a natural drug-free birth when I got pregnant, but my husband had never thought about any other type of birth than the  “normal” hospital birth. My friend told me about the Bradley Birth Method and her story was very encouraging. I did some research and decided that this would be a great class to take in order to prepare for the birth of our son. I found Summer’s classes and signed up. My husband didn’t really know what to expect but was open to attending the classes.

The classes taught us a lot about pregnancy, labor & delivery and, most of all, about how to work together as a team to meet our goals. My husband was very thankful that we took these classes because it gave him a new outlook of the options available and he learned a lot. I was thankful that we took the classes because it gave me the confidence that I could accomplish the birth that I always wanted and that my husband would be there to support me 100%.  The education was invaluable and really helped us identify the stages of labor and how to deal with each thing that we encountered. Summer was a great instructor and led some very useful discussions throughout the 12-week course. It was also great to meet other couples going on the same journey to share experiences, concerns and questions.
I would recommend Summer’s classes to any couple wanting to learn about and prepare for a natural drug-free birth. Without these classes I don’t know if we could have achieved our goals and had such a perfect birth experience!”
                                                                                                                                                        -Sarah & Scott Lopez
“When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a natural childbirth, I just didn’t really know how to achieve it. A friend of mine mentioned that she had heard of something called “The Bradley Method”. I started looking into it and found Summer’s Bradley classes. Thank goodness I did! I am convinced there is no way we would have made it through drug free without her! The class provided valuable information regarding pregnancy, labor and delivery, and an open setting where we could ask any and every question that we had. All the information that we learned in class helped us confidently handle going 13 days past my “expected due date” and a 25-hour labor and delivery that didn’t follow the “regular” pattern. My husband coached me through a long, trying labor using so many of the techniques we learned, which he would not have been able to, had he not attended Summer’s Bradley classes.
Summer was so helpful and supportive even after our class ended! I tell everyone I know to take her class when they are expecting if they hope to go drug free.”
                                                                                                                                                            -Ashley & Atirek Ratani
“Thanks Summer!  I want to tell you that I truly could NOT have done this without you and all that I learned from your classes.  So many times throughout my labor I would hear your voice or things that I had learned in class and they would get me through to the next contraction.  My labor was really intense (25 hours of back labor) and I used just about every strategy we learned.  One of the things that was most helpful to me was having Mike call out 30 seconds in to each contraction so I would know it was about half over, something I got from our labor practice in class.  I also really tried to remember what Jennifer (a classmate who had just given birth) said about not thinking further than the next contraction- taking things one contraction at a time was the only way I made it through.  Mostly I just held on to the confidence that I got from class, that everything that was happening was natural and for a purpose and that my body truly was built to do what it was doing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for empowering me to have this amazing experience! I feel like I can honestly tackle anything in life, knowing that I had the strength to do this.”
                                                                                                                                                                                           -Kate Philips
“The Bradley 12-class series was invaluable to us.  It provided a wonderful context to discuss the options available to us to have an optimal birth experience.  We started off the class series knowing in our hearts that we wanted a natural home birth, free of interventions.  Within a short amount of time, the classes solidified our decision for a home birth and empowered us to do so.  The articles provided and the numerous videos, books and other resources were instrumental in helping us to grow in knowledge and confidence that we were making the right decision.

Having a group setting with other couples was a nice environment.  We enjoyed sharing with other couples and taking this journey together.  It was nice to have a group of people all working towards the same goals.  We want to thank you specifically Summer for your heart, passion and knowledge to share such valuable information so badly needed in today’s culture.  We believe God designed the female body for childbirth and we appreciate voices that empower women with the truth of how to do it naturally, free of interventions.  Thank you for being attentive to our questions, e-mails and always making yourself available when needed.

Our home birth was a successful and empowering experience because of our preparation gained through the Bradley Method courses.  We will strongly recommend anyone pursuing a natural childbirth to attend Summer’s Bradley classes in the future.  We feel in our hearts our newborn daughter Naomi has been given the healthiest and most ideal start to life thanks to Bradley and our mutual trust in the natural childbirth process.”

                                                                                                                     -Vaughn, Jennifer & Naomi Faith Lawrence

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“I do have to say I am so happy we took the Bradley classes. Since I was hesitant at first, I am happy Jinny talked me into it and we were so fortunate to end up in your class. I felt so prepared and knew exactly what was going on the entire birth process. I recommend the Bradley Method and Summer Hill to everyone!
Thank you so much!”

                                                                                                                                                                               -Dustin Merritt

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“Bradley classes helped my husband be 100% prepared for the birth and helped me be able to deliver a healthy baby with the least amount of interventions (in my case, none, but if needed, I feel the classes informed me of the least amount of interventions to prevent another). The exercises and breathing techniques were invaluable and knowing exactly what was going on with my body helped me get through the toughest parts. I hope the nurses were able to see natural birth as a positive experience and realize that mothers are able to be in control of their births. Summer was wonderful, always available and always was able to provide a wealth of information regarding labor, birth, and post-pregnancy and offering different viewpoints on each situation. After a great delivery, we had a difficult time with a lactation consultant and were SO GRATEFUL that Summer was able to answer our questions and remedy the situation the first night home!”

– Maria Canant

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“I have known Summer and her family for a long time. Her sister is a good friend of mine and she would talk about the Bradley birthing classes Summer taught and how informative they were. When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted a natural labor and I knew I would need that information to help me and my husband be prepared. I didn’t trust myself to go into the labor without knowing all of the facts and the classes definitely helped to prepare us! We learned how to help with the pain and enjoyed talking to the other couples in the class who were going through the same things we were. After the classes were over I felt so ready to give birth! I wasn’t scared or nervous about the labor because I knew we had the tools to help us through. As chaotic and crazy as the birthing experience was, I felt like we were still calm and prepared through the whole thing. Thank you so much Summer! We couldn’t have done it without you and your birthing knowledge!
Love, Meghan, Brent and Charlotte Burkholder”

– Meghan Burkholder

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“Thank you so much for teaching Bradley classes! Dave and I learned so much. I definitely could not have had the labor/delivery experience I had without the knowledge I got from the classes. And Dave learned so much. You definitely gave him the knowledge, encouragement, and confidence to be a fantastic coach! I am now such an advocate of natural childbirth. It was tough but so worth it. I think I have some friends that wish I hadn’t learned so much. Keep on teaching Bradley!!”

– Jill Humes

“Thank you so much for being an incredible childbirth instructor! This class has been so inspiring and enlightening and empowering. We’ve had a great experience, and we thank you for everything!”

– Ashlee & Kevin Broome


“I am so glad that we took the Bradley classes. We felt prepared and educated.  Right afterwards I thought I was crazy for going all natural. At some point I cursed Summer’s name…  :)  Childbirth is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have run a marathon with a stress fracture in less than 4 hours, danced for days with blisters all over my feet, I practice yoga in 105 degree room, but THIS for sure was the most challenging. It is also the most rewarding, empowering, amazing thing! I have finally crossed over into the secret world of Motherhood. It is magical like entering the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia! I am so thankful Remington entered this world like he did!”

-Anna Newth


“The birth process was a pretty crazy and intense experience. The Bradley method classed definitely helped. ..In the end everything came out perfect. The advice I have for other Bradley method fathers is pretty simple. The most important thing I think to keep in mind through the experience is the ultimate goal of healthy baby healthy momma. Be flexible with your birth plan and your ideal delivery. You will have some non negotiables and so will your doctors and nurses. Sometimes you may find that if you compromise with your birth team things may go better than if you don’t. Don’t sweat any of the small details too much and just always keep in mind the ultimate goal of healthy baby healthy mom. The Bradley method classes help you to make informed decisions during the heat of battle and even if they are not what you planned you will feel good that you made to best decision at that time. When your new baby is in your arms nothing else will matter.”

– Randy Newth


“For all your love and support, Thank you! You have been so wonderful…always patient, always so throurough! You gave us a great gift, all the education and knowledge. We now have a beautiful baby boy! Mostly we feel confident as parents! Thank you! Much love, Anna, Randy and Remy Newth”

– Anna, Randy and Remy Newth

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“I don’t think there’s any way we would have achieved the birth we wanted without the Bradley classes taught by Summer.  The education was vital, and Summer brings so much to the table when she teaches.  Her enthusiasm, accessibility for questions, and the extra knowledge she contributes from her own passions and expertise are a fantastic supplement to the solid foundation of the curriculum.

Thanks again, Summer!”

– Eric, Susan, and Eliana Simon

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“Summer & Casey, Thank you so much for a fabulous class.  We feel so fortunate that we were able to take a Bradley class with you.  We did not do a natural birth with our first child but are SO glad we did with our 2nd.  We only wish we had known sooner what Bradley could have done for us!  We always looked forward to coming to your class and enjoyed every minute of it.  You are truly gifted and we are so glad you shared that gift with us.  Thank you for helping us have such an empowering birth experience.”

– Ashley, Kevin, Clayton and baby Sam Weaver

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“We heard about the Bradley Method from a book (Husband Coached Childbirth) that I randomly picked up one day when we were shopping. This book changed how we veiwed childbirth. We were moving to Kansas at the later part of my pregnancy, so we quickly found a Bradley Method instructor online. We were happy with choosing Summer, after reading the testimonials already posted on her site. After going to the first class, we were so pumped! There was so much information we had overlooked with our first child that was so important in our decision making. It doesn’t matter how many children you currently have, you need this class!! We had a super sucessful homebirth, and I think these classes totally prepared us for it!

Thanks, Marla Myers”

– Marla Myers

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“We learned more than we could have ever imagined about pregnancy and the labor and birth process. Every week we went away from class feeling so encouraged and looking forward to natural birth more and more. You played an integral role in making our birth experience a joy!

With Love, Craig, Shawna and Elliana Ketter”

– Craig, Shawna and Elliana Ketter

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“Taking your class is one of the best things any parent-to-be can do for themselves and their unborn baby. The knowledge you impart empowers moms and dads to feel confident in their decisions and choices during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Thanks so, so much for everything!

Kellie Gillespie”

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“You bring so much joy, excitement and love to this whole process. Class was one of the highlights of our pregnancy and really helped us prepare for and experience the birth we wanted. Your support post-partum was also a life-saver! We can’t wait for our reunion!”

Katherine, Andrew and baby Tova  Hellige.

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“Summer, your guidance, personal experience and knowledge were instrumental in the birth of our first child. We didn’t realize how beneficial your class was until actually experiencing a natural birth. We learned so much and can’t thank you enough.”

– Lisa, Tyler and especially baby Taryn Round.

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“Hey Summer!!! Scott and I want you to know that doing your class was one of the highlights of our pregnancy. We learned tons! You are really gifted in what you do! Seriously, you give a lot of new moms confidence. Molly and Scott Johnson, Bradley Class, August-Nov. 2007”

– Molly and Scott Johnson


“Summer and Casey,

Taking the Bradley Method classes from you was the absolute best thing we could have ever done to prepare ourselves for the birth of our first child. We couldn’t believe how much information the classes provided – not only the extensive information on labor and delivery, but also about nutrition, exercises, breastfeeding, and postpartum.

Every week we would drive home from class growing more confident and more excited to have a natural childbirth. The classes reaffirmed that it was best for the baby. Thank you for personalizing the classes to fit our group – we really enjoyed having the group dynamic as an avenue for great discussions. We were kinda sad when the classes were finished because they were something we had looked forward to each week!

Natalie’s birth was everything we had hoped for. We were ready for the labor when my water broke unexpectedly early, and knew exactly what my body was doing at each stage. When my labor “puttered” in the beginning, we knew the techniques that would progress it safely and naturally. Thanks for taking our phone call and encouraging us to trust the process. It worked!

Kelly was so prepared and he was a fantastic coach. I truly could not have done it without him guiding me through every step; the coach’s role is essential to a happy labor! Thank you for all of the postpartum support and your amazing willingness to share your personal experiences. You two are wonderful people and awesome parents! We have learned so much from you. We look forward to using the Bradley Method with our future children and hope that our families keep in touch!”

– Kelly, Julie, and Natalie Kearney

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“Dear Summer & Casey,

We are so grateful to have met both of you through your classes. We knew we wanted to achieve a natural childbirth before we began taking your class but sometimes felt discouraged because we did not have much support from a lot of our family and friends. Week after week as you shared your passion to help educate others about the joys of birth, we felt extremely encouraged and empowered.

Each class left us feeling more prepared and excited for the birth of our baby. You equipped us with the knowledge to make informed decisions for mother and baby during the course of pregnancy and birth. We were surprised that Lucas’ labor progressed as quickly as it did, but knowing everything we learned about labor in your class, reassured us that my body knew what it was doing.

Thank you so much for a wonderful 12 weeks, taking our call in the middle of the night when I was in labor, and all of the helpful postpartum support. We are looking forward to having more Bradley babes in the future!

Love, Casey & Madeleine McLaughlin”

– Casey & Madeleine McLaughlin

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“We really appreciated both Casey & Summer teaching the class. We liked having both opinions on birth & labor. It was great getting Casey’s thoughts on his experience. The class was always positive & informative. We always left feeling confident about giving birth naturally.

Thanks for being such great teachers!”

– Stephen and Alexis Losey


“Summer & Casey –

Thank you so much for your help over the last several months! Sean and I really enjoyed taking the classes with you, especially in the comfort of your own home. We have become closer as a couple through this experience, and I’m sure in large part because we prepared ourselves for our son’s birth with your class.

Finn’s birth was an amazing experience, and we were well prepared for every step along the way – we knew what to look for, what was coming next, and how to make decisions when we had to. Although we ended up with a c-section, we came to that decision well informed and with plenty of time to know we were making the right choice.

Your advice and help throughout the pregnancy, labor, and now postpartum has been an immense help. We can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful teachers. Thank you!”

– Amy, Sean & Finn Slatter


“Summer and Casey,

Thank you for all your support and for helping us have the birth experience we wanted.

Love, Brandi, Greg, and Shoshana!”

– Brandi, Greg, and Shoshana


“Thank you also for your help in helping us to have a natural childbirth. The classes were amazing – all that we learned about childbirth and the labor process ultimately helped in preparing us for what’s coming. I think probably the best was how available you were when we finally did go into labor.

Eric needed your advice, support and encouragement during those hours and I felt so much more at ease knowing he was communicating with you and had a third party that was outside the situation. What a blessing! Thanks again for everything. We’ll be excited to let you know when we become Bradley Teachers!

Much love, Bethany, Eric and Anna Newell”

 – Bethany, Eric and Anna Newell


“Summer & Casey,

We just wanted you both to know how much we have enjoyed our classes. You are both so great at what you do & we appreciate so much all of your time and instruction. We feel very fortunate to have met you! Thanks for a great 12 weeks.

Love, Terri & Matt Hatch”

– Terri & Matt Hatch