You found the hidden text! Did you know... One single drop of a mother's colostrum has nearly 1 million white blood cells in it! True amazing power we hold as human mothers to heal. "Every Drop Counts!" - Summer

For over 14 years, I was a Bradley Teacher and taught classes out of my home.  Over those years, more than 250 couples have been empowered by my classes, and I cherish each one of them and their wonderful children who were gently born into this world. That’s a lot of babies we’ve had! My first Bradley class was in Spring of 2004, and now in 2018, after 14 years, I have retired as a Bradley Teacher. 2018 is the year of new birth for DoneNaturally. I evolved DoneNaturally into a new way of  reaching families, spreading wisdom and educating. I am excited for all of you to see! So come on over to my YouTube Channel and see how I have re-birthed DoneNaturally! I have more than 100 videos and add  2-3 new ones each week. Stay updated and subscribe! I’ll bust all the myths around breastfeeding and lactation, and open your eyes to the real truth about feeding your baby!