You found the hidden text! Did you know... One single drop of a mother's colostrum has nearly 1 million white blood cells in it! True amazing power we hold as human mothers to heal. "Every Drop Counts!" - Summer

Lactation Consultation services are provided on a fee-for-service basis only. Payment is due at the time of confirming time of the consultation, and then your appointment will be held.

Tele-Health consultations will have the initial 60 minutes invoiced and paid at time of scheduling appointment. Any additional time used on the call will be invoiced after the call and due that day. Any time unused during the call, will be refunded.

I accept all major credit cards. I do not bill insuranc; many families can use their HSA/FSA cards for payment.

For in-home visits in outlying areas of Kansas City, additional charges will be applied for time and travel, determined on a case by case basis or referred to a closer fellow Lactation Consultant.


  • Initial Home Visit:  $195 (lasting approximately 2 hours)
  • * for twins/multiples an additional cost incurred; as excess time needed for multiples.
  • Follow Up Home Visit:   $100/hour minimum.
  • *Any time needed beyond 1 hour billed at $50/30 minutes
  • Tele-Health Video/Phone Consultation: $25/15 minutes

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by contacting Summer via text, phone call or email.

(913) 908-2676 or

It is likely that she will need to speak with you over the phone prior to setting up the consultation to get your story and evaluate what type of assistance is needed.