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Samuel’s Birth

Samuel Joseph Weaver was born on Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 1:02pm. He weighed 9lbs, 14oz. He was 20” long and his head was 15” in circumference. He was born at Shawnee Mission Medical Center and Dr. Margaret Estrin delivered him.
I had been to my appointment the prior Tuesday and Kathy Melton (CNM) told me I was 3-4cm and 80% effaced. I had another appointment that Thursday and when she checked I was 4-5cm & 80% effaced. We both hoped that he would be here by that Sunday so that she could deliver him. Stefanie Olson, our doula, had gone with me to the Thursday appointment. Kathy said that she would like me to consider coming in on Sunday morning to have my bag of waters broken. She said it was up to me whether or not I wanted to do that. Kevin & I decided against that as we really wanted the labor to start spontaneously.

Sunday evening (September 20th) I began to have contractions that were 5-7 minutes apart. They were only about a 4 (on a scale of 10) in intensity. We called Stefanie (our doula) and warned her just in case it happened in the middle of the night, we wanted her to be prepared since we thought things would move pretty quickly once labor began. But we told her that we were going to go ahead and go to bed and try to get some rest.

The next morning (Monday) I got up earlier than I usually do. I was feeling contractions but they were about 7 minutes apart and not very intense at all. I took a shower then a bath with some lavender essential oil and tried to relax. Around the time Kevin was going to head to work I started having regular contractions that were about 5 minutes apart. I had 2 more contractions (5 minutes apart) after that that and they were starting to pick up in intensity. Kevin had 2 timers going J He was timing the time between contractions as well as how long each one lasted. It was helpful to me because I couldn’t really tell how far apart they were and he was able to tell me when they were about to peak so it helped me work through them much easier.

We came downstairs and got breakfast ready and all sat down and had a big breakfast. I noticed the more I was moving around the more intense and regular the contractions were. If I was sitting down it seemed like the contraction would start but then would just fade off. At this point we also called Stefanie. I told her I didn’t want to jump the gun but wasn’t really sure when I should call her. She said to call her back when I couldn’t talk through the contractions and that she could be at our house in about 40 minutes. She told us to try to take a walk outside while we still could (there was a storm headed our way) and then to try to take another shower. We went for a quick walk up and down our street. When we were headed back it was just starting to rain outside. We came inside and I noticed that the contractions were really starting to get intense and I asked Kevin to bring the birthing ball down from upstairs. It didn’t take long – probably only about 10-20 minutes later – they were starting to get very intense. It was about 10am at this point.
We called Stefanie about this time and she headed our way. As soon as she got to our house Kevin had already packed the car and took Clayton down to his friends house and came right back. It was about 11:15am when he got back. While he was gone I also had Stefanie call the doctor’s office and let them know that I would not be making my 3pm appointment that day and to let them know we would be heading to the hospital within the hour. I had a few contractions while Kevin was gone. They were very intense and Stefanie helped me a lot using pressure points in my lower back. It was also just very calming having her there. I was also using a lot of “raspberries” that Kevin kept reminding me about that also helped a LOT! Once Kevin got back I told him we really should think about heading to the hospital. He kept saying he thought it was too soon. At this point I had been having contractions that were about 3-4 minutes apart and were getting very intense. After a couple more I told him we really needed to go. I asked him to grab a banana and my phone and that I was going to have one more contraction at home before we made the transition to the car. Stefanie heated up a rice bag that I used on my tummy on the car ride there.

The car ride was VERY uncomfortable. The contractions were probably an 8 in intensity at this point. I was having a really hard time relaxing in the car because I was not really in a comfortable position. Luckily we don’t live far and I only had about 3 contractions in the car on the way there. It was pouring down rain at this point. So we got there and parked in doctor parking right out front J I told him I was about to have another contraction before we went inside. After that we rushed for the door (through the rain) and got under the covering outside. I had another contraction outside and then 3 more in the waiting room while we were waiting for the nurse to come get me. We were checked in at 11:53am. They brought a wheelchair for me but I told them I would walk because it hurt too bad to sit. I had 2 more contractions in the hallway on the way to the room.

When we got into the room I felt like I needed to use the bathroom so I went and tried to go. The nurse said just go in here and I will shut the door. Kevin knew that wasn’t a good idea and knew that I was about to have another contraction at this point so he quickly came in to help me. As soon as I sat down I realized I couldn’t go and that it hurt too bad to sit. So the nurse said if I couldn’t go just to get in the bed and they would check me real quick. I was burning up hot so they turned on the fans and got some cold wash cloths for my face. I had planned to get in the tub to help me relax a little more. When she checked she said “Well – I can’t feel your cervix so that means you are at 10cm!” She told me my bag of waters was bulging and said I could get on my side and if I felt like pushing I could. She asked me if I thought I could give her an arm for the hep-loc or if I just wanted to wait until afterwards and they would put it in if they needed to – I told her I would rather wait. I was on my side and after about 3 more contractions I said “I feel like I need to puuuush!” and as I pushed my bag of waters. It was the most amazing feeling. It felt like a balloon popped inside me and really was a huge pressure release. They were wanting me to wait to push some more because Dr. Estrin was trying to get there. But they called in the hospitalist on staff just in case she didn’t make it in time. She came in though about 5 minutes after my water broke. I didn’t envision myself laboring on my side as I had tried this at home when I was having contractions and really couldn’t get comfortable. But Stefanie reassured me that this was a good position to avoid tearing and I felt much better about it. At this point they still couldn’t see his head so they said if I felt comfortable I could switch to my other side. As soon as I did his head immediately dropped down. I started to feel a lot more pressure. I was having a really hard time relaxing through the pushing stage. I had a rail on the side of the bed and it became my new best friend. They had to tell me to stop pulling on it because I was starting to pull myself off the bed. They knew when a contraction was coming and would tell me to take a couple of deep breaths and then bear down. I would take 2 deep breaths then tuck my chin down and pulled my legs back and push. I usually pushed about 2 or 3 times with each contraction. I probably had about 20-3o minutes worth of pushing. At about the next to the last time pushed I could tell he was right there and that he was probably coming out with the next push. I felt the “ring of fire” and I told them it burned really bad so Dr. Estrin told me to listen to my body and if it burned really bad I needed to stop pushing and let the baby stretch my perineum and then push again with the next contraction. So that is what I did. The last time I pushed I think I said “get him OUT of me!!” J and out popped his head. The nurse told me to push again to get the shoulder out so I did and about the same time Dr. Estrin said “NO don’t push!”. I probably would not have torn at all if it weren’t for his shoulders and me pushing when I really shouldn’t have. She worked one shoulder out at a time.

I could tell by looking at him that he was going to weigh more than his brother (9lb 2oz) and when they weighed him and he was a healthy 9lb, 14oz. They wiped him down and then handed him to me. He was perfect and looked just like Clayton did when he was born. He latched on right away and has been doing great ever since. He is a great sleeper, nurser and snuggler. We are so happy that he is strong and healthy. We felt so prepared having taken the Bradley Method class! It was the most amazing and empowering birth experience and we are so blessed!