You found the hidden text! Did you know... One single drop of a mother's colostrum has nearly 1 million white blood cells in it! True amazing power we hold as human mothers to heal. "Every Drop Counts!" - Summer

Anna’s version

We are so excited about the birth of our new little one! He is absolutely perfect and we could not be more in love with Remy!


I had a long pre-labor…..

Wednesday, November 24th: I lost my mucus plug. 4 hour episode of 10-15 minute apart contractions.

Saturday, November 27th: I had contractions all day and my back ached constantly. The contractions were 10-15 minutes apart till about 6pm and they started coming inconsistently about every 7,8, 9 minutes. They stopped around 4am when I fell asleep.

Monday, November 29th: I went to the doctor and I was 90% effaced and 2cm dilated.

Thursday, December 2nd: I had another round of contractions that were about 10-15 minutes apart lasting for around 4 hours. Randy and I took a long walk.

Sunday, December 5th: Around 7pm contractions started again about 2 an hour and these lasted till I fell asleep again.

Monday, December 6th: I woke up still having contractions about every 20 minutes. I also noticed that my breast leaked colostrum. Randy and I took a REALLY long walk.

Tuesday, December 7th: I had a doctor appointment and I was 100% effaced and 3cm dilated. All day I had stronger contractions about every 7-10 minutes. Randy and I went about our day…. went to brunch, signed papers to refinance our house, did some laundry, packed our bags. I would not let Randy leave me alone. I knew labor was going to start soon. I went to sleep about 9pm and woke at midnight with what I call “REAL” labor. My contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes. I woke Randy up! This is it!

Wednesday, December 8th: 12am REAL labor started. 1:15am my water breaks. 11:52am Remington Collins Newth is welcomed in to this world!

I woke up at 12am to the strength of my contractions. They started coming every 2-3 minutes apart. I tested positive for GBS so our plan was to go to the hospital when my contractions were 5minutes apart for an hour. A little late at this point! I decided to shower and try to relax. I definitely was totally focused and could not think about anything else when the contractions would come. Randy started loading the car and I was barking orders between contractions….. call the birthing center, call our doula Cami, feed the cat, put the trash out.

I was trying to stay calm and breathe through each contraction. I had been having days of pre-labor, the REAL labor contractions were coming really fast and super intense. I was having a difficult time catching my breath. I squatted by the edge of our bed and my water broke. I called out to Randy….OMG my water just broke! He called Cami and told her to just meet us at the hospital. I was nervous. I was a little afraid that I may have a really fast labor, silly in retrospect! I remember wanting to get to the hospital fast. All throughout my pregnancy the thought of the hospital scared me but when labor started it felt like the safest place. When we got to the hospital we had to enter through the ER doors because it was after hours. It was about 1:30am ( this I know only because R told me, from this point on I lost all track of time). We grabbed our bags and headed down this long walk way to the birthing center. Randy asked if I wanted a wheel chair… “Hell No,” I said! I was going to walk my baby out! Well about halfway down this long freaking hallway I started vomiting and peeing with every contraction. Poor Randy was practically running, carrying ALL of our bags. This old lady stopped and asked if I was ok. “Yes, I am fine”, I said. I remember thinking why would she ask me that. I am totally in control!:)

Once we got to the Birthing Center, the receptionist asked Randy to sign some paperwork. All the while I am vomiting and peeing in the lobby. I am on all fours trying to relax through each contraction. Do you know how hard it is to relax and vomit at the same time?

A nurse met us in the hallway to lead us to our room. She checked me and I was 100% effaced and almost 6cm dilated. They started my IV of antibiotics. Cami showed up! Yay! I was so glad to see her. The nurse strapped on the EFM…. after about 10 minutes I asked if she could remove it. She said the only way she could is if I got up to go to the bathroom. Suddenly I had to go really bad! Once on the toilet it was the most comfortable place to be. I was still peeing and vomiting through the contractions, but Cami was rubbing my back and helping me to relax. Randy was my water boy…. between contractions I was so thirsty, plus I needed something in my stomach and the cold water felt good.

I would have one mild contraction, followed by a longer little break. I would then start to shiver violently, followed by a really intense contraction. Cami was so helpful…. she gave me a voice “Oooo” that I moaned with each contraction. I must have sounded like a cow in labor. Also Cami, kept me welcoming my contractions….. I would say when a intense one was coming “oh no” and she would say “oh yes!” Welcome it, it is bringing your baby.

I remember a nurse coming in to ask about a few things about our birth plan, she was talking directly to me. I looked at Randy and told him to discuss it someplace else and that I trusted him to make the best decision. Who asks a moaning woman in labor serious questions? Thank God for Randy!

The nurse we had kept trying to get me off the toilet. I think she thought I was going to have the baby IN the toilet….as if! Like my baby would fall out without me knowing. That is the stuff you read about in the news, but those women don’t even know they are pregnant!

I was glad when there was a shift change. The next nurse, Colleen, could not have been a better fit for me.

Randy was my quiet comfort, he was calm, reassuring, and so encouraging. Cami kept making me change positions, and every time I would resist because it always made the next several contractions really painful.

The nurse checked me and I was 100% effaced and 100% dilated! Yay! I started to feel the urge to push! They got me a squat bar…. by this time I was getting so exhausted I needed to lay back and rest between contractions. The nurse and Cami kept making me get into different positions…squatting, rocking my hips back and forth, asymmetrical squatting, on all fours. The baby did not seem to be budging. The nurse said the doctor ( this happened to be my doctor, whom I just love!) was showering and would be there soon. The nurse also said as soon as I started to crown she would go get the doctor. I kept thinking, why isn’t she going to get the doctor yet, surely I am crowning. I had been pushing for an hour and a half. The nurse checked me because she thought I should be progressing more than I was. Remy’s head was caught on a lip of cervix and his head was turned slightly. She brought Dr. Reardon in and with the next strong contraction, the docotor pushed the cervix over Remy’s little head. I felt him drop what seemed like 10ft! I could totally feel his head in the birth canal. It was really cool!

I continued to shiver before each contraction and sweat after each one. I was so tired. I watched the sun rise and the parking lot outside fill up. Still pushing! Finally Dr. Reardon came in and she said that she wasn’t leaving until we got the baby out. I kept asking… how much longer? Everyone would say SOON…. I knew they were lying. SOON is so vague!:) I was so exhausted at this point, Randy had to lift my head and body up to help me bear down. Dr. Reardon was really motivating. I wanted to push hard for her! I started to get slap happy, which is something I do to distract myself from pain. I began telling stories about Randy, how he hiccups when he is drunk, how the cleaning lady found a pair of my underwear in the sheets and folded them on the nightstand, about you tube videos that are motivating! Sorry Randy! These people are his colleagues. We decided that the labor room was like Vegas, what happens there, stays there!

The doctor said it was looking like I was going to tear, probably pretty bad. Sideways, as well as, back to front. She offered an episiotomy. I don’t want one I cried! They started massaging my perineum and using warm compresses. Dr. Reardon said I can guarantee this baby will be out in 15minutes if I cut. Randy said let’s wait just a few minutes. After a little while Randy told me that he could see what the doc was talking about. I told him to make the call because I was so exhausted. The doctor make the cut and within 5 minutes I was holding my beautiful baby boy! I think this was the best decision, a small intervention saved me from a maybe more of one. I was so exhausted after pushing for 4 hours I don’t know that I could have gone on much longer. I am healing awesome and virtually have no pain. Randy was privileged and got to cut the cord. My placenta came out almost immediately. I got to hold Remy for the first hour…. he didn’t nurse but was wide eyed and cuddly! I fell in love instantly!

They had to give me Pitocin to stop my bleeding. About two hours after birth they got me up to go to the bathroom and I passed out. They gave me an IV, I hadn’t really had enough to eat other than cheese& crackers and OJ. The nurse pushed on my uterus and a ton of blood clots came out. Then about two hours later I was laying down and felt like I might pass out again. The nurse pushed again on my uterus and more blood clots came out. They ended up giving me a shot of Methergyn to clap down my uterus. I lost a ton of blood and had to stay in the hospital an extra day because of it. As much as I wanted to go home, having people wait on you hand and foot was exactly what I needed.

Baby Remy is AMAZING! I am so glad that we took the Bradley classes. We felt prepared and educated. Right afterwards I thought I was crazy for going all natural. At some point I cursed Summer’s name…:). Child birth is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have run a marathon with a stress fracture in less than 4 hours, danced for days with blisters all over my feet, I practice yoga in 105 degree room, but THIS for sure was the most challenging. It is also the most rewarding, empowering, amazing thing! I have finally crossed over into the secret world of Motherhood. It is magical like entering the wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia! I am so thankful Remington entered this world like he did!

Randy’s Version

Our Real Birth story as Told by Randall Newth


Our Birth Story as Predicted by Randall Newth

Instead of just recounting our birth story I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast our real birth story vs. my predicted birth story written months before the actual birth of our son Remington Collins Newth on December 8th 2010. The real birth story will be in black and the predicted will be in green. This should be fun and entertaining so here we go!

When I woke up the Wednesday morning December 8th, Anna was already up sitting on the couch in our bedroom. This was unusual as Anna almost never gets up before me, apart from her 14 trips to the bathroom every night during her pregnancy. She had a funny smile on her face. “It’s starting! “She said excitedly. She’d been having contractions for about an hour. She said she didn’t want to wake me because I was going to need the sleep. The contractions were lasting about 45 seconds and they were about 10 minutes apart. The contractions hurt but Anna was doing as she was taught. She was ignoring them the best she could. She was relaxing reading a book in her most comfortable spot in our house. On her couch looking out the window on a beautiful sunny crisp December morning. When the contractions hit she would simply put down her book close her eyes and relax. She didn’t scream or yell.

In our case these types of contractions didn’t just start on December 8th. These pre labor contractions or very early first stage of labor contractions went on and off literally for two weeks. They first started the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That Thanksgiving week was a really busy for both me and Anna. I took a calculated risk and had put myself on call several nights and was also on call on Thanksgiving Day. I had a bachelor party for a good friend of mine and his wedding the Friday after Thanksgiving. We were also having our family over for Thanksgiving because we thought it might actually be easier to be home both for Anna and myself. So when she started having pretty regular contractions on Wednesday and then she lost her mucous plug Wed. night we thought “you’ve got to be kidding me”. I’m going to have to beg one of my partners to cover me on Thanksgiving and we are going to have to pull an emergency relocation of festivities for our family! The contractions were about 7-10 minutes apart. The contractions were fairly regular but not all that painful for Anna. As we soon learned they would go away as soon as Anna went to sleep.

She had these type of contractions and false starts on and off for the next couple of weeks. Usually about the same story. The contractions would be fairly regular, not very painful, and would eventually stop usually when she went to bed and fell asleep. By Sunday Dec. 5th instead of being relieved when they went away we would be a little disappointed. We just were not sure if this was the “real thing” or not. Anna would ask “What if I’m going to have a really easy labor and these are how my contractions will feel.” I said maybe so, but I’ve seen enough movies with women in labor and I could not imagine she would just smile her way through it and all of a sudden Remy would walk out of her vagina. Unfortunately I was correct.

A few weeks before Anna’s due date we got the news that she was GBS positive. This was at first upsetting to Anna. It meant she needed to come in a little earlier than planned. She needed IV antibiotics to help Remy defend him from infection. It’s not very common for the baby to get beta strep during delivery but it can be catastrophic. They antibiotics improve the chances he will not get the infection. Dr. Reardon wanted two doses 6 hours apart in an optimum case. If labor went fast then one dose would be fine. It only takes about 10 -15 minutes hooked to the IV to run in the antibiotics. When they are done the IV can be hep locked so the limits to her mobility were really fairly minimal. Anna was really upset in the beginning, but when it was all put into perspective and the ultimate goal of a healthy baby and healthy mom in the end is kept in mind, it really was not too big a deal.

On December 7, Anna was having the contractions again. They were about 7 minutes apart on average and a little bit stronger. She would stop talking during them which was a little different. For the most part we just went on with our day. We kind of thought that this was the beginning though. We were a little hesitant to let Anna sleep since that just seemed to stop the contractions. But we knew if this was really it, she wouldn’t sleep through them. She and I both went to sleep at about 9 pm………. The real fun was about to begin!

I got up and took a really short shower. I was excited but was trying to contain myself. I didn’t want to get Anna’s adrenaline rushing. She needed to stay calm and relaxed so my energy needed to match hers. I made her breakfast. Eggs and cereal. She was drinking plenty of water, orange juice, and some of the god awful coconut water she likes. We spent the morning trying to ignore the fact Anna was going into labor. We watched an episode of modern family and the office that I had on the DVR. I made sure we had everything we needed in our bag for the hospital. I even double checked the car seat. I called the hospital to see which OB-Gyn was on call for deliveries tonight. We were in luck, Dr. Reardon just as we had hoped. I called our Doula (to be named later let’s call her Debbi Mcdoula) and she said she would meet us at the hospital and to call when we were ready.

Yea that was not quite how it went… At midnight Anna woke up with a nice strong painful contraction. I could tell these were completely different than what she’d been experiencing before. They pretty much brought her to her knees. She couldn’t control her bladder when they hit. Our doctor wanted her to come in when the contractions were less than 5 minutes apart lasting for sixty seconds each and persisted for at least an hour. This was a little sooner than we had hoped to go in, but this would allow for enough time to run in the antibiotics. Anna’s contractions from midnight to 1 am were 3-4 minutes apart and lasted for at least a minute sometimes longer. I was pretty frantically getting everything in the car and double checking the car seat. Anna was moaning and peeing her way through the contractions. At 1 pm I called our Doula Cami. I gave her the run down and she said she was on her way up to our house to help.

At 1:15am Anna yelled out from the bathroom that her water had just broke. She soaked her panties and everything else in the near vicinity in the bathroom. There was not much doubt what had just happened. Her contractions were really strong. They were making her nauseous and were really close together, about 3 minutes apart. We thought what if I’m going to have a really short labor? At that point based on our doctors recommendations and a little bit of fear that we were going to have a baby really soon, possibly on our bathroom floor, we thought it was time to head to the hospital. I called the birthing center and let them know. I called our Doula and told her just to head to the hospital in Liberty. In retrospect, this was maybe a little too soon.

Over the next 8 hours Anna’s contractions grew slowly stronger. She was still trying to relax through them but I could tell from the look on her face they were getting more uncomfortable. Still no screaming. Lots of long sighs. They were coming more often now about getting closer and closer by the hour. 8 minutes, 7 minutes, 6 minutes. I was getting a little nervous and was ready to head in. Anna wanted to stay just a little longer. By about 330 in the afternoon the contractions were about every 5 to 6 minutes and then the gush of water came, soaking the scrub pants of mine she had been wearing. “I think it is time to go.” She said. I quickly called our Ms. Mcdoula and the hospital to let them know we were coming.

Quick trip to the hospital. We were admitted right away. They could tell by the look in Anna’s eyes this was the real thing. Contractions were really getting strong. Anna was now getting a little noisier but hanging tough through her contractions. Anna’s good friend Jessica was working tonight and would be Anna’s labor and delivery nurse. The good breaks just seem to keep coming! We got into our room. Debi Mcdoula got there right behind us. Jessica had a copy of our birth plan so she knew what we wanted and what we didn’t. She slipped in an IV on the first try with no problem. External monitoring was kept to a minimum, contractions were strong and baby’s heart rate was fine. Anna’s mom and Dad came to visit. The visit was short. Ken, you could tell wanted no part of being anywhere near the room when the real action was going to take place.

The next few hours seemed like a bit of a blur. We walked around the room, squatted, on all 4’s, layed together on the bed, trying all positions to keep her comfortable. I’d massaged her back constantly. My hands were one big cramp but not near as cramped as Anna’s uterus. Anna had only a few fleeting moments of self-doubt that probably signaled the transition phase. That didn’t last long. She quickly became very determined. At about 11pm calmness came over Anna. She was going to do this. By 1130 Anna had the nearly uncontrollable urge to begin pushing. Dr. Reardon was summoned. She took one look down below and said, whoa baby is almost here! Within a few more pushes I could see baby Remy’s head trying to poke out, kind of like a turtle from its shell. With every push more and more head. Then with one more big push his entire head was out. Liquid shot out of his little mouth like he’d just heard a really funny joke after taking a sip of water. One last push and there he was. A perfect baby boy was resting on Anna’s chest. Ten minutes after midnight Thursday December 9, Remington Collins Newth was born. Ten fingers ten toes. Everything was perfect. About 2 minutes later Dr. Reardon asked if I wanted to cut the cord. It’s done pulsating. I declined. I’d rather hang out up top with Mom and Remy. Only a few minutes later the placenta slid right out. No significant bleeding. No vaginal tears. Everything by the book just as planned. Remy was already quite fond of this new thing called mommies nipple. That’s my boy!

That was how I predicted it. Wishful thinking of course. Ok, Now the real hospital phase. I got a few things correct. Some not so correct.

The drive to the hospital wasn’t too bad. I make that drive every day to work but it seemed to take forever. Because it was after midnight we were supposed to enter through the ER doors and then proceed to the birthing center. Of course had I been thinking I could have just swiped my id at the birthing center door and it would have let me right in, but no, we just went to the ER doors. The walk from the ER to the birthing center is about as long as possible in Liberty hospital from the far southwest part of the complex to the far northeast via long corridors, multiple turns and an elevator ride. I’m sure most people stop and get a wheel chair. But no, Anna declined. We wanted to walk the baby out. Not a great idea. I was carrying 3 bags full of bowling balls and a bunch of other crap we would never need. I couldn’t help her much and carry the bags at the same time. A few hundred feet into our journey a contraction hit. Now she started vomiting as well as peeing with every contraction. With every contraction we left piles and puddles all along our 10 minute walk. We scared the crap out of multiple janitors and various other passersby.

We got to the front desk at the birthing center. They wanted someone to fill out forms and sign several items. At this point Anna was on her hands and knees and was crawling along the floor…. Still vomiting or dry heaving with her contractions. This was our nurse’s first impression of Anna and I think it scared her a bit. We got her into bed, got the paper work signed, IV in her arm without any problems. They did a quick check– 100% effaced and 5 cm dilated. That was a progression from the 3 cm dilated in the office the morning before. We got a fifteen minute strip and the baby’s heart rate was fine. Our doula came and we were able to start trying different positions for pain relief. The best seemed to be sitting on the toilet. We tried on all 4’s, standing in the shower with hot water on her back. Every time she changed positions they seemed to get worse then mellow out a bit. She kept coming back to the toilet though. That’s where she felt more comfortable. It made her nurse a little uncomfortable. Our doula and her growled at each other a little bit. The nurse wanted her in bed again real quick for one more check. She was scared baby was about to come right there in the toilet. To be honest with you I was thinking the same thing and I was more comfortable with her in the bed. We did one more check and she was dilated to an 8, at about the zero position. Baby’s heart rate was perfect with no signs of distress. The nurse was much happier now knowing baby really wasn’t that close. She was happy just to leave us alone at this point. This was really the only tense moments we had with any care giver the entire experience. Everyone else was great and really respected our wishes and tried to follow our birth plan as well as possible.

The nurses from the nursery came over to discuss one small part of our birth plan. We had stated we did not want Erythromycin eye cream for the baby. We thought it was potentially irritating to the baby’s eyes and maybe could interfere with feeding. That was written before we knew about the positive group B strep test however. We all agreed the cream was ok and was probably for the best. It didn’t turn out to be a big deal for Remy. He didn’t seem to mind the cream at all.

Anna labored all night and at 6 am there was a shift change and a new nurse. Colleen was our new nurse and she was awesome. She let Cami and I do the coaching. We went to multiple different positions. They were all about the same as far as her pain level. Anna’s nausea seemed to pass. She got her doses of Antibiotics without any problem. A funny thing we noticed is that about 20 seconds before each contraction she would start shivering. If it was a strong contraction she would shiver pretty dramatically so we knew a big one was coming. After the contraction she would be really hot and shove all the sheets off of her. This pattern went on the entire labor.

At about 8 am Anna started to get the urge to push. Our nurse said if you need to push then push. Our nurse was respecting our wishes to do as few checks as possible so she had not checked to see if he’d come down much yet. Dr. Reardon was on call and was in the building (just as I had predicted yea!). Our nurse was just sitting by waiting to see a little bit of head to pop out. At that time she would get Dr. Reardon and it would be on. By about 930 and multiple pushes using the squat bar on the table still no signs of a head. The nurse decided to check to see where the head was and to tell you the truth I was happy because the suspense was killing me. The head really had not come down at all despite the hour and thirty minutes of pushing. She thought she felt a lip of cervix still in place superiorly.

Next, Dr. Reardon came in and did a check to confirm what the nurse had found. It turns out the cervix was completely dilated but there was kind of a floppy portion to it on the top side. Anna was shoving the head down but it was getting caught between by this floppy portion of the cervix and the pubic bone. The head also was a little but crooked in the canal. On Anna’s next contraction she had her push with all her might and used her finger to gently lift that part of the cervix out of the way over the top of Remy’s head. Remy came down several centimeters right away and I could see just a tiny bit of his scalp. Now she was really ready to push and the first two hours of pushing really had not accomplished much other than expending some valuable energy. I thought we were only minutes away at this point but oh no!

It was about 945-1000am at this point. She’d been in pretty intense labor for almost 10 hours and had been pushing for nearly 2 hours. Now she was pushing hard with every contraction. Every time I would see a little more head with the push but it would go back up when she relaxed. This went on for an hour or so. With each contraction there were only millimeters of progress. At 11 am Dr. Reardon came back in and said Ok I’m here for good and I’m not leaving till we have a baby. She was great. She really knew how to motivate Anna with each contraction. She massaged Anna’s perineum and there was definitely progress with each contraction and push. Next she said that there was virtually no way he would come out without some significant tearing. She said that was fine but it would probably take a while and with an episiotomy it might be faster. At this point Anna was exhausted and slap happy. She said just cut me then! I said let’s hold off a few more contractions and see how it goes. Everybody agreed. I paid close attention on the next 3 contractions. Remy’s head would come down but there was a big band of perineum that seemed to be catching his head on the bottom side. Dr. Reardon really thought if we did a little cut on that band he’d be out in no time. Anna was really running out of gas at this point and we all decided it was the best thing to do at this point. A little episiotomy is much better than a c section because of exhaustion.

The episiotomy was made and with 3 more pushes he was out at 1152 am. I was off in my prediction by about 12 hours. Not too shabby. Remy pinked right up and was on Momma’s chest right away. Apgar’s of 9 and 9 which is as good as it gets. We were ecstatic. The placenta came really quickly within about 5 minutes. There was quite a bit of bleeding afterwards. We waited about 20 minutes and with her still bleeding we did decide to give her a little Pitocin to help contract the uterus and stop the bleeding. Dr. Reardon sewed up the episiotomy which did not extend any past where she had cut and the bleeding seemed to stop. The bleeding did turn out to be pretty substantial so I was glad we did give the Pitocin after the birth. Her hemoglobin started at 13.9 and bottomed out at 7.1. She nearly needed a transfusion but we avoided that. Remy stayed on mommy’s chest for 59 minutes. The nurses needed to weigh and measure him within the first hour so they let us push that envelope to the edge.

The birth process was a pretty crazy and intense experience. The Bradley method classed definitely helped. I thought the emotional stages of labor were somewhat blurred for us. There were some signs of transition like when she was on all 4’s in the bathroom cussing Summer’s name, but it was hard to say when one stage would start and end. Anna did seem to have a stage they don’t talk about. I call it the slap happy tell embarrassing and inappropriate story phase. This was between the 3 and 4 hour of pushing between contractions she would tell all 10 people in the room stories to distract herself from the pain. I can’t even remember them all. Several were about me after I’d had too many cocktails. Not exactly the picture I wanted painted to my colleagues around the hospital. They were pretty funny and did help keep the situation a little light.

In the end everything came out perfect. The advice I have for other Bradley method fathers is pretty simple. The most important thing I think to keep in mind through the experience is the ultimate goal of healthy baby healthy momma. Be flexible with your birth plan and your ideal delivery. You will have some non negotiables and so will your doctors and nurses. Sometimes you may find that if you compromise with your birth team things may go better than if you don’t. Don’t sweat any of the small details too much and just always keep in mind the ultimate goal of healthy baby healthy mom. The Bradley method classes help you to make informed decisions during the heat of battle and even if they are not what you planned you will feel good that you made to best decision at that time. When your new baby is in your arms nothing else will matter.

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