You found the hidden text! Did you know... One single drop of a mother's colostrum has nearly 1 million white blood cells in it! True amazing power we hold as human mothers to heal. "Every Drop Counts!" - Summer

Calix’s Birth

I had a fairly easy pregnancy, especially with all the information we were getting from the Bradley classes and reading. Unlike my first pregnancy where we only had hospital classes, these were so much better!!! My due date came and went on June eleventh,
I was starting to feel huge. I was also getting anxious. On June fifteenth my brother, Joe, and his girlfriend, Julie, drove in expecting to see a baby. “Sorry”! We were more determined to help things get moving along so they could see the new arrival before they left to return to Pennsylvania. On Tuesday the sixteenth we walked to the track and did the equivalent of four miles, and nothing. On Wednesday the seventeenth we went to the Kansas City zoo and walked the equivalent of three miles, and nothing. We relaxed on the eighteenth, because I was finally starting to have menstrual-like cramping (already having one child, I knew things were finally moving along).

On the nineteenth I started having very irregular contractions, so we went grocery shopping to stock up on supplies. Then we decided to go to Applebee’s to celebrate my labor! It was awesome. We then went home and tried some natural augmenting
of labor. My husband went to bed knowing I would likely wake him in the early morning hours. My contractions continued, strong but manageable. I took a bath around eleven at night, hoping to get some rest afterwards. No such luck, my contractions were too strong and too frequent to get any rest, but I did try to lay in bed most of the time.

At 3:48 in the morning, I decided to wake my husband, Dustin. We timed the contractions together and found they were finally regulated, at two minutes apart and lasting one minute. So we went downstairs (taking my awesome birth ball), and my husband went to work prepping for the birth. My husband blew up the tub and started adding water as we waited for Suzanne Ryan, C.N.M. She got there really quick
(fifteen minutes after we called). My husband and she worked at prepping everything, stopping only to help me through my contractions. The house looked as I had imagined it, candles lit, no sound, and a tub of wonderful water (how cheesy).

After transitioning to active labor, which was as soon as they filled the tub up, I was in it, for the next two hours I spent moving around it the tub. Suzanne then checked my progress and I was nine centimeters dilated, I was super excited at that point, knowing the baby was really coming! We then decided to get out of the tub and try some other positions. Not long afterwards, I was checked again and I was ten centimeters dilated, we were ready to push. Pushing only lasted a whole thirty minutes, but I had to change positions a few times to make it easier since the midwife was assisting. About three good pushes and out Calix Parker came with his caul intact, until the midwife discovered the umbilical cord was around his neck really tight. She had to somersault him out. I was so relieved! Calix was 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches long. Momma’s little boy!!

Everything went so great. I had lost a lot of blood right afterward and felt very weak. The umbilical cord was left intact until the placenta came out. Then my husband and my daughter Virginia cut the cord (it was nice making her a part of his birth). We then rested upstairs in our room and had food brought to me by my wonderful husband. My brother and his girlfriend watched our daughter and cooked while we got acquainted with our new son. We really did it! None of which would have been possible with out such an awesome birth team and my husband by my side!